Redesigning the economic circulation of a token

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How does Proof of debt work ?

Cyclical Debt

Users are dispersed in 5 tiers according to the number of "DEBT" tokens they have. Users act as creditors for the tier below them, which means that they receive tokens from debtors automatically. Conversly, users act as debtors for the tier above them, they give tokens to creditors automatically

Yield generation

Creditors receive DEBT from debitors. They also receive 2% of DEBT of the sales of their creditors ( tier above them)

Protections for holders

Tokens will count as twice as much if the user has never sold DEBT. New purchases will not affect his protection until he sells.  

DEBT is a dynamic crypto redifining the economic inflow and outflow

DEBT allows the economic system of a token to be active, which makes it possible to create the first active economic markets. This active flow allows for faster and more efficient development and markets. Many uses cases can be developped to the Proof of Debt market.

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The Meme park (soon on debt markets)

A Proof of Debt blockchain

Our final goal is to create a Proof of Debt blockchain without transaction fees and where people could bridge their respective tokens in Dtokens (ex: ETH bridge on Debt = DETH). Our blockchain would not only generate passive income but also be much more attractive for economic markets since money must always be in circulation on Debt